Ninescraft Shutdown

First of all, sorry to everyone who missed ninescraft or had put effort into building something, but a few months ago i decided to shutdown ninescrafts MC server for a while. I simply don’t have the time to manage a server like this, and player count was at an all time low with 0 players most of the time. It wasn’t worth keeping up.

It may seem like I just gave up and didn’t put any effort in to the server, but I did. I would spend many long hours improving the server, updating it, adding stuff, and waiting for someone to join for more than 10 seconds.

This doesn’t mean I regret taking on role as the owner, Because I don’t. I found it extremely fun when somebody would join, I was very engaged in actually enjoying the game with other players than being just a owner.

I have realized that Minecraft is moving in a different direction now, more towards the corporate greed of Microsoft. They are trying to shove microtransactions everywhere, and already have on mobile and console versions. They are coming for the Java edition next and will completely ruin it. They are trying to create a monopoly with only their featured servers that pay them being allowed to exist.

They are adding too much useless crap to the game, decreasing players creativity.

It isn’t the same as it was before.

I have been playing ninescraft since it was created in about ~2011. There I met ModMasta and Nineballed, the owners. I loved the sense of community that just couldn’t compare to any other big server. They didn’t ask for any donations. It was all out of pocket.

In late 2014, they simply couldn’t manage it anymore. They transferred the server to a new owner, Tyjerich. Tyjerich had anger management issues, though i didn’t dislike him personally. And I don’t mean to offend. But this scared users away with his impulsive anger at players, he would ban anybody. He even banned me for a few days (until the other players had convinced him that i had done nothing wrong). I feel bad for him and don’t hold any hate against him. Sometime in 2016 he abandoned the server. I had not joined the server for about a year at that point.

It had turned out that during that 1 year period, Tyjerich or somebody had transformed the server into some sort of prison thing. After he abandoned it, i got it transferred to me. I then got in contact with Nineballed and Modmasta for advice.
The server was looking good for the first two years. I had a steady 8-25 players on at most times while school was off. and support.

I don’t understand what kept people away last summer (2018) but my player count was low. Like 0 most of time.

Anyway, thats all i have to say. I may come back to restart it. If you want to talk to me just email me at contact @

Also a good alternative server is
the owner there is tox and it has alot of community. He is kinda failing too though so idk.

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  2. DireFox712
    May 14, 2019 at 5:46 pm

    Almost like we wanted to help and you pushed us away. Doesn’t help you tried to turn the server into something it wasn’t and ALSO did not advertise at all.

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